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About RSB

Ron S. Butkovich

lil_ron_textmedium“Educated in the fine arts and professionally based in Park City, Utah, RSB Designs is a hidden jewel in this high desert resort town. Ron’s jewelry making approach to silver, gold and stones is whimsical and edgy, making for both everyday and special occasion body ornamentation.” –Jacqueline Landeen, columnist

Park City, Utah-based jewelry designer, Ron S. Butkovich, looks to both the natural world and the human world for inspiration is his unconventional, organic pieces. “When creating handcrafted jewelry, I think of each piece as a mini sculpture, with an edge of humor and discovery.”

Primarily using the techniques of lost wax and fabrication, Ron delights in the unpredictable use of traditional materials, including precious metals and stones. Perhaps most importantly, in both his life and his work, Ron strives to balance the precious and the everyday. Consequently, his work is collected around the world by those share Ron’s vision of beauty in daily life.

Ron rejuvenates his creativity through both quiet connections to the natural world—as a passionate master gardener—and through social connections to the human world. Ron is an active member of his community, where he is involved with the town’s historic society, professional artists association and public art committee. 

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